Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Create Your Own Santa's Elf Card

Blue's Elf ID cardOver at Santa's Quarters you can create your very own Santa's Elf ID card. Print it out on some card stock and laminate it for a real authentic looking ID the kids will love. Or, take it to the bar with you to impress the ladies ... ok, ok, it hasn't worked for me yet but I'm still hopeful.

While there, check out their Christmas Coloring Pages with 10+ items to print out for your budding Picasso's and, for the mathematician in all of us, calculate EXACTLY the number of lights and ornaments for your tree with their Christmas Decoration Toolset™ ... although I like my method better ... keep adding stuff till the branches start to creak & sag ... then remove the last item you put on and you're done.

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LearnHowToMakeBows said...

Great Christmas craft ideas!!

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