Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dormant & Deceased Sites

Blogging is a tough business. I probably put forth 5% or less of the effort of those 'Yuletide Bloggers' who are digging through stacks of old vinyl, plunking down hard earned money for the wax, and lovingly transferring the sounds to digital for all us Christmas porkers to snarf up ... most of the time without even a simple "Thanks!" Is it any wonder people get tired and move on to other projects?

This year I'm going to try to remember to go back and say thanks for each little gem I download that has been so generously posted by the very talented vinyl restoration folks ... I hope you will join me and drop a few 'thanks' on these folks as well.

Sadly, it's too late for the following sites that have gone silent or dark. Listed here so you can update your links or bookmarks, and as a belated way of saying "Thanks!" to these wonderful people who helped make Christmas' past a lot more enjoyable.

  • 77 Santas : 2009 announced as their final season

  • A Christmas Special : Last Post 2007.Dec

  • A Million Miles Away : Last Post/RIP 2009.March

  • Blog of 999 Dances : Last post 2007.Apr

  • Christmas for All : Last post 2007.Dec

  • Cool Kooky Hip and Groovy : RIP 2007.Oct

  • I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday : RIP 2009.Jan

  • Musical Fruitcake : RIP 2007.May

  • Red Ryder BB Gun : Last post 2007.Jan

  • Santa and Me! : RIP c2006~2007

  • Why Fidelity : Last post 2007.Dec
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